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Doctor Mongo:

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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December 9, 2016

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linda mccormick

March 22, 2016

mike smith passed away august 17th 20015

John and Diane

October 28, 2015

Hey Doc, when you gonna come back to the Tall Trees Rendezvous?

Bob Grabb

October 1, 2015

AWESOME!! Making a living as a musician!

Gary Steiner

March 27, 2015

Paul...would you like to participate in The Spydres / The Belladonna Nightmare Blues Band's FaceBook page ? If would be an Editor of the page. Let me know !


April 22, 2014

I really like and appreciate your blog post.Thanks Again. eaedekagdffekddd


November 18, 2013


Michael N. Rudoff

July 28, 2013

Thanks for all the great music at Western Nationals, Doc. I had a blast. Until we meet again, watch your topknot.......Banjo Mike

Vicki Johnson

March 7, 2013

Absolutely loved meeting you at Alafia (in January 2013)!!! Maybe next time we'll have more time to talk. Love your music, and hope to catch you at camp again soon!

Luke Lasater

July 20, 2012

Doctor Doc Mongo,

As you know at Fort Bridger the AMM has a pot luck dinner in the stockade on Saturday night. Would like to invite you to join us if you can. Supper's at 7:00. We may have the Indian dancers joining us also. Should be fun.

Sees Everything

April 9, 2012

Hi Mongo,
I've been trying to reach you to find out when Wierd Harold's memorial will be this August. Hey, you haven't blogged on here since 2008! What's up with that? I'm still living in Denver, CO and would love to see you any time you are in the area. I tried to contact Madame Annie after you gave me her info, but haven't heard back from her either. Blessings on you, Naomi

Dubois John

February 14, 2012

Caught your and Harry's act at Nowoodstock a couple years back, bought your CD and have been a fan ever since. Why not come back for a repeat performance to Tensleep this year?

Also, sure would like to catch your show again, if I knew where and when you were playing...

Jim Griffin

January 20, 2012

Halleck wrote some wonderful tunes. I hope they are being played somewhere. Looking forward to the memorial cd from Paul. I remember you playing at the Silver Dollar in Butte many years ago.

Jim Jordan

November 4, 2011

Does Harry Harpoon remember Amos Tuckahoe and the Country Store and Delight Cafe in the mid to late '70's?

Please call Jim and he will call right back. 928-708-9881

Tom Crooks

October 23, 2011

Does Harry remember his old rendezvous friend from Billings?

Momma Squaw

June 30, 2011

We missed you on the Island last weekend. Hope to see you soon. Take care.
Momma Squaw and Stinky

May 18, 2011

Loves me some Doc and Harper! You two are soooooo awesome! Come back and play in Lewiston, Idaho anytime! The old BBQ joint in Clarkston is now called Big Johns. I'm thinking you could play anywhere in town and do well. We'll leave the light on fer ya.

Tracker (Cache Valley Rendezvous)

April 10, 2011

I am trying to get a hold of Dean Oliver (a phone number or address for him would be sufficent). All I know about him is that he claims to be a base player from Oregon.

( )
" "

P.S. First time I have visited your Web Page,(Very Impressed) and I am so glad Harry got his equipment back from down South.

A quick response,(say tomorrow - or before Easter - 2011) will earn you a free DVD! You will need a computer to play this one, (no that ain't good) but like the others it should be wourth every penny you pay for it. Let me know where to send it.

Holly Conger

February 19, 2011

Listening to Doctor Mongo and Harry Harpoon is like stepping back in time. The style of their music reminds me of the roots of blues music such as Robert Johnson, Lead Belly, and Blind Willie McTell. What’s best is the feeling you get listening to the music. You can’t help but move to the beat. This style of old time blues can speak to everyone in some way. The way that Doc and Harry play and sing, reaches all the way to your bones. They are a very powerful duo.

Holly Conger
Caffe Ibis Event Director
Logan, UT

Hooka Haze

November 28, 2010

Weird. When I tried to call Harpoon's cell phone to book a gig, some guy named David Hamilton answered and said he doesn't know a "Harry". Harry, where are you. Have you been kidnapped? Are you being held somewhere against your will? Who is this man who has your phone number now?

Diane Lockyer

July 8, 2010

To HH, From Delta House circa 1978, great to wander into this site and see your photos. Been a long strange trip, eh?

Harry Harpoon

June 25, 2010

Hey Colin & Annie! Got yer message. Check out my Myspace page. Here's my cell phone:
435-790-7472. Would love to see you two! Say hi to Greg and his wife for me.

col wright & annie van herck from new zealand.

June 23, 2010

hey harry!!!!drop us a line mate.where are you and what are you up to.we are leaving nz next year about easter.
cheers and abento...col.


June 2, 2010

Had fun at Cache Valley, see you somewhere down the trail...

Carey (Homer)

April 9, 2010

How ya been? Seen Harry? Where the hell is he? You?
cell 505 412 7845

Momma Squaw and Stinky

December 30, 2009

We want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May you have a healthy, happy and safe 2010. Hope to see you soon. Momma Squaw and Stinky.

Momma Squaw

December 18, 2009

Doc and Harry, Stinky and I want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Hope to see you soon. Take care.Travel easy. Momma Squaw and Stinky

col wright

October 12, 2009

greetings from new zealand.
I am an old friend of Harry Harpoon Yates and would like to catch up with him but I have no contact Email add.It would be great if you could forward that to me by Email at your convienience.
Thanks a lot mate! Col Wright.

Bob Fechter

October 8, 2009

Gary just linked me up to this! How great, man! You've always made your own path, and I'm so glad this is where its led you!

Gary Steiner

September 23, 2009

Dr. Dr. Dr.,......what a wonderful CD you sent me. I absolutely love it ! In fact...
I have a new respect now for "Froggy " !!!
Who ever thought that little song could be so entertaining ?! DR MONGO ! That's Who !
Keep it kool Pauly.

Julie Haze

August 25, 2009

Grease & Smoke is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Thanks

Julie Haze

August 24, 2009

Thanks for the great shows in Clarkston! It truly made my year.

Dan Serdutz

August 15, 2009

Miss jamming with you Harry and also the few times I got to play along with Doc here. Its a long way from Sante Fe Springs and El Monte but I ain't going nowhere from Paonia.

Dig your energy and tunes. Hope to see you both out this way sometime amigos!


dave gonzalez

August 13, 2009

doc was the paterson revolver present at the fur trade era rendezvous?thanks dave

Sees Everything

July 4, 2009

Doc, it was so good running into you at the Mile High! Keep in touch and send me Madame Annie's info, please! I will see you at next year's Nationals in Colorado if not before... Blessings on you boys!


July 4, 2009

Doc and Harry I was so good to see you again on Thunder Island. We enjoyed the music. It was a pleasure having you in our camp. You are welcome there anytime. Hope to see you next year. Travel easy. Take care. Stinky and Momma Squaw

Cat Dancer (Head DS Thunder Island)

June 30, 2009

Hey guys. Hope you had a good time on the island. I know the island did. We all love and enjoy the music and the good times we can share together in such a beutiful place. Hope to see you down the trail. Until next time. Continue the Way.

Courtney Rogers (Kitten)

June 29, 2009

I bought your CD at PPR 09 and everytime I listen to it I get the best memories flooding back. Thanks for helping the memories. I very much relate to "ponies? pleasure palace" since Travis sucked on my toes for my b-day at rendezvous. :)


June 23, 2009

Hi Doc,
You told me LP Mournful's (Bill of Bill and Eleanor)last name when we were at PPR. I can't remember it to google him.
Please refresh my memory again.
Music runnin through my head again!

Steve(Wolf drag)Jensen

May 2, 2009

Hi Paul
Im an old mountain man friend of Harry Harpoon from The Cache valley rendevous.Im trying to get a hold of him to catch up. Tryed his site but it didnt come up. Can you help me to talk to him-Phone or whatever? thankyou so much Steve

Val @ The Stage in Ten Sleep

April 28, 2009


Momma Squaw and Stinky

April 17, 2009

Got your new CD. We love it. Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Safe travel. Take care.
Stinky and Momma Squaw

Ted Moniak

April 10, 2009

Hey Mongo!
Got your site from Big D. Big hello to you and Harpoon. In Seattle right now, making $$ to return to London. Give me an e-shout!


March 18, 2009

Freedom, Beauty and the Truth


March 7, 2009

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !

Muley and Little Turtle

February 7, 2009

Our laid back rendezvous in Red Lodge is still going. In the past few years it has been a struggle to keep this event alive. We were without music last year. We missed your music in the camp. Any chance that you could drop by and get things fired up??? As always, this event runs 10 days that last weekend in July.

Your fellow rendie friends,
Little Turtle and Muley
PS...Muley is Booshway and has made some significant changes that we fight for every year.One thing that Kathy has been sucessful is not changing is the time frame in July. The commitee is again trying to drop the gate fee as we did last year. The traders made money!

leather betty

February 6, 2009

Hi Harry and Doc Mongo was great to see you at alifia rondvou. ya all sounded great. Harry hope you get better soon. hope you got to listen to my cd. leather betty

barry (tripod)

February 4, 2009

Good luck boys

Momma Squaw

December 6, 2008

We went up to see Raunchy and Liska the day after Thanksgiving and Mark was there also. All said to say hi and hope you have a good holiday season. Stinky and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care. See you in Oregon next year. Stinky and Momma Squaw.

Momma Squaw

November 5, 2008

Doc and Harry,
I don't know if anyone let you know that Mark had a heart attack and a triple by-pass. He is healing from that yet. Just wanted to let you know. Take care.
Momma Squaw and Stinly


October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween my friends! :) :D :)

redgie valente

October 26, 2008

well doc I'm a good friend of harry's .
I played standup bass with him for a while
in the late 80's.Then I moved to new zealand
and lost contact,as we know harrys not always easy to get hold of.If you could pass my E-mail along to him it wouldbe good
thank redgie

Jule Haze

August 17, 2008

Howdy. My hubby & I are old friends of Harry Harpoon. Harry is the proud recipient of Dave's mom's N'Orleans Mardis Gras original painting. Hey Harper, we is movin' up to Lewiston, ID. So, come for a visit or a stay. Love to you, old friend. Julie 928-660-0918
Oy, and hubby will be at Lake Powell until Jan. 1 '09 @ 928-645-9751. So come toss a line in and have a place to crash. God I love ya Harper! You are the best! Thanks to Doc Mongo, too, for this awesome website! Keep it up ya'll!

Momma Squaw

July 24, 2008

Doc and Harry, We really enjoyed you coming to Thunder Island for Sternwheeler Days. Hope to see you there again next year. Hope you stay longer next year. Stay safe and take care.
Momma Squaw and Stinky


July 8, 2008

m'be no man, m'be she just likka dance and rock w'da music you be makkin.

barb peters

July 5, 2008

thanks for all your energy and playing at Cascade Locks! I hope to be able to find "Party 'til the money runs out" on CD soon! Keep up the great music!


July 4, 2008


When are you coming to North Idaho?
Would love to bring Allen's (stovall) kids to meet you, and hear you play!

Take care,


May 30, 2008

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Thank you! Visit will be interesting if my blog!
All of the cars!

fleet card

May 30, 2008

Nice Site!

jake morris

May 19, 2008

Dr Mongo!
That is great that you provided Halleck Brandon to the world!My check is in the snail mail. I had to get it for the barry. If you are in billings come see the morris's. I've been following your website for a while. Playin' music around the country is purdy dam nifty.Im going to drag my old man to rendezvous cause we've never been. Gratetohearfromya

future mountain man
Jake Morris The son of the notorious BarryMorris

K Bird Clawson

May 14, 2008

Hey Harry!
So you are going to be in Good Ol' Cache Valley soon?
Are you playing Rendezvous during the day or after hours party?
Let me know. I don't know how often you check this - or if you will get this in time - but if you do - let me know.
My Cell # is: 435-512-9723.
Take Care.


May 5, 2008

d8RKly Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!


April 9, 2008

Nice site!!! Thank
Thank you Nice site cool !!!

Rena Howe

March 21, 2008

OMG! You guys are like...famous now!!

I'll call soon. Maybe you'll be at Patrices then!!

Phil Collins " more hair less money"

February 21, 2008

Harry&doc It sure was a fine Alafia rendezvous and to meet two outstanding musicians like yourselves thanks for playing at camp runamuc. the three c.d' I got from you were excellent hope to see you all again and hope we can RENDEZVOUS again sincerely Phil Collins

two knives katie

January 26, 2008

hey hey! from your chief assassin and biggest fan on the east coast! i'm gonna be writing something about you at my blog, cause people often ask me how i got the name two knives.

it was so good to see you at the eastern this year, and to meet harry. just love you guys. please make it back east next october, please!

chris tambe

December 28, 2007

Hey guys, sorry I didnt make it to Challis to help out, hope that went well fer ya. I sure enjoyed playing with you and hope to do it again some time. Let me know when you are within a couple hundred miles or so. Take care and keep it down.

Troy Riggs (Dickason)

December 27, 2007

Knew Harry back in the day in Nevada City. Glad to hear he is still blowing the soul...I live in SF Bay Area now and am a singer myself. I will keep up with you guys via the site, so glad Harry is still doing it !!!! Happy New Year!!

Phyllis Faries

November 17, 2007

Good luck at the International Blues Challange! We are rooting for you.
Phyllis Faries
Klamath Blues Society Pres.


October 12, 2007

Hi guys, Its been a long time. I sure miss you guys and your music.
Check out

Harry, I' am surprised that you still have your hair.
Mongo, My hair is as white as yours now.

See ya!

Elizabeth Denehy

October 7, 2007

hi Doc. and Harry. think of you both often. had some shinning times out there. you both look great. l had the honors of making a buckskin jacket for charlie Daniels last year and he had the picture of him in the jacket on his web site. sure made me proud. write some time and maybe you both can make the Alifia rondvo this january love you both and best wishes on your venture. Leather Betty


October 2, 2007

Meeting you at the 2007 Eastern was a great honor. Cap'n Billy has told many stories of you and Harry and he loves to be part of your music. Billy has invited me many times to travel west to an event but my responsibilities as a paid fire officer keep me at home alot. I'm hoping to make it to Deans rendezvous in 2008 if I plan now. I'm rambling on---- Takes again for the music at the Eastern, it made it one of the most remorable events yet. catch ya when the wind shifts -


September 16, 2007

It was great meeting Harry at Elk camp this year, just wish he had felt better so he could have stayed longer. Look forward to seeing him again and meeting you Doc. Wilma and Gary say hi from colorado. Woodman turned us on to your music and I must say we loved every minute of it.


Ray Simonson

August 17, 2007

Hi Doc,

I met you and Harry at Dean and Midges a while back, don't know if you remember meor not. Any way I'm just wondering if you might beinterested in selling to me wholesale your CD's, I do a lot of shows, (gun shows, knife shows, etc) and I might be able to move a few CD's. let me know what you need if you are interested.


Ray Simonson

1 (888) 476-4400


June 20, 2007

Your music is great, but your calendar isn't up to date, it only shows past dates. Where will you be playing in the future?



March 22, 2007

Hope to see you at the Eastern this year, so drive extra safe

Flick washtubz-o-fun

Gary Steiner

January 26, 2007

Greetings Paulie,
It's good to know you're doin' great. I have enjoyed listening to your work & nicely done too I might add!
I have a few old songs The Nightmare did way back in '70/71.You remember I'm sure....demo quality...but entertaining.
Let me know if you're interested...with a web address I can send to.
Your Old friend,


January 19, 2007

Last time I saw you was in Santa Barbara, I was 15 at the time! You were going to be a vetanarian. It is lovely to see you have followed your blues passion. Your music is great! I'll keep an eye out for you in Hope, Idaho next summer.

If you hear from Gary Steiner, please give him my best.


January 16, 2007

Hey Doc, Just a note to tell you thanks for the help recording my stories, should have them in hand exactly two weeks from today.Will be sending you one. Thanks Woodman


January 11, 2007

Big thnx. So interesting.
I wish you prosperity
Best wishes. Lisa.

mac cicogna

January 4, 2007

Paul! remember me? ERHS/Spydres? Got your web address from Gary. I'm still diggin' Blues and your music is awesome. The last time I can recall seeing you was many years ago at the Hullaballo club. You were in the army and on leave. The Spydres were playing. You had a safty pin in your ear. LOL Glad to see you doing what you love. Mac

Bruce Gagne

December 16, 2006

Hi - here at Mama Lori's - cool site, I came to town to play a gig. Lori had to show us the web page. I like it. How's every thing going. Nice to see you draged Harry out. Tell him I said hey.


November 29, 2006

keep on keeping on happy holidays guys

Mama Lori

November 18, 2006

Ya gotta update that calendar - you must be very busy. I LOVE your web site Mongo. Sure miss you guys, tell Harpoon hello. Both of you and all your friends have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Love you,

Mike Lynch

November 6, 2006

Dr. Mongo - Thanks for sittin' in at Blue Monday a couple of weeks ago! I just mailed your Harmonica Playboy CD to you. Please tell Harry harpoon I said hey.


Lynne 'Ms. Swampfoot' (Mrs. Larry 'Swampfoot') Whiting

November 6, 2006

Hey, I was sufing the net this afternoon, trying to avoid any kind of work, when I came across your site. KOOL! Love your music, hope to see you at Rondy somewhere in Spring.

Dale"Blond Bear" Coleman

October 24, 2006

Hope to catch you in Portland next Friday. If not we'll see you soon. Best of luck. Love the CD's I picked you from you at the wedding.
PPR2007 I'll be the trade chief and would love to have you guys play on traders row anytime.


September 18, 2006

Hi Doc,
Just wanted to let you know that I had fun visiting your web site ..... recieved your snail mail note and am looking forward to seeing you at Cowboy Poetry.
... Susy (Spiritwoman)

Luke (Luc to some) Hamilton

September 18, 2006

If I am going to be high on the list of "groopies" I should sign the guestbook, don't cha think? Your music is indeed the awsomest!

Dave the Roadman

September 9, 2006

Good to hear from you. Glad to hear Harry is back playing. I heard a rumor that you are both coming to the Eastern next year. We'll have to make some noise.


Danielle Sullivan (Rivard)

August 12, 2006

I have been saving a bottle of winer wine for about 3 years to get the perfect night to drink it and the smells and taste of the wine bring back so many memories of wonderful rendezvous gone by. And so I started to see what I could find on the internet and I stumbled apon your site. My sister Marie(nightingale) is going to be recording a song for a musician back east that she just recently met. She has been doing her best to keep playing but this will be the first recording she has done. We are both married with a couple kids each and doing well. Well I just had to post a little hello. Thanks for all the great tunes.
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